Mass Effect Andromeda Creator Unveils New Video Game Anthem At E3 2017

If Mass Effect: Andromeda is seemingly suffering a downturn, it seems BioWare is not letting it affect its creative energies. At the recent unofficial opening of E3 2017, the game developer unveiled its newest video game for its die-hard supporters. This new game is Anthem, and if what the trailer has shown is any indication, this one could save the developer's reputation.

So, The Rumors Are True

Based on the trailer of Anthem, this new video game features an open-world that is set in a futuristic, jungle-ridden universe. In the reveal trailer, a mech is shown facing off a huge beast in the game's dense wilderness. Some E3 2017 attendees who watched the trailer certainly felt some vibes akin to Far Cry, Star Wars, and Destiny.

Previously, there were rumors going around for quite a while that BioWare has something up its sleeves for E3 2017. Speculations were also ripe that the developer is coming up with a new video game after the Mass Effect: Andromeda fiasco. With the showing of the teaser trailer of Anthem, these rumors appear to be based on facts.

Gamers Will Climb Up To Their Exo-Suits

The project was previously called "Dylan." Based on what the trailer showed, it seems the in-game action of Anthem is focused on an open world where a huge wall protects the inhabitants from the outside and hostile world. The trailer also showed one of the characters suiting up on an exo-suit that gamers are supposed to use to fly around and shoot at their enemies.

Perhaps, to tickle the fans and hype Anthem, Patrick Soderlund, executive vice-president of EA claims that the game is "vast, dangerous, beautiful and unexpected." The video game will be published by Electronic Arts. There are rumors that it will be released in March 2018. Fans can expect that more details will be revealed by BioWare in the ongoing E3 2017, particularly when Microsoft holds its Xbox conference at the event.

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