MIcrosoft confirms Windows 8.1 update

Microsoft has officially revealed its latest operating system, Windows 8.1. The company said that it has responded to customer feedback while developing the operating system and the latest Windows 8.1 will add improvements and new features in key areas such as personalization, Windows Store, built-in apps and search.

Microsoft launched the Windows 8 in the anticipation of attracting more customers; however, the operating system did not appeal to many customers. With the launch of Wndows 8.1 Microsoft is trying to fix it thinks went wrong with the makeover of Windows 8.

The company said in the press release that it's making the operating system easier to navigate and enabling users to set up the software so it starts in a more familiar format designed for personal computers.

The official press release notes "Not only will Windows 8.1 respond to customer feedback, but it will add new features and functionality that advance the touch experience and mobile computing's potential. Windows 8.1 will deliver improvements and enhancements in key areas like personalization, search, the built-in apps, Windows Store experience, and cloud connectivity."

The press release says that the Windows 8.1 update will bring many changes to the Windows 8 operating system like the lock screen slideshow, which allows you to turn your PC or tablet into a picture frame by making your lock screen a slide show of your pictures.

With the Windows 8.1 you have the option of more colors and backgrounds for the Start screen including some with motion. You can also choose your desktop background as your Start screen background. Just like Windows 8, the Windows 8.1 will feature a variety of tile sizes including a new large and new small tile.

In Windows 8.1, search will be simplified and powered by Bing. You will get a global search result in a "rich, simple-to-read, aggregated view of many content sources (the web, apps, files, SkyDrive, actions you can take) to provide the best "answer" for your query."

Windows 8.1 will also bring enhanced and improved built in apps to users. The Photos app will now have some new editing features that will allow quick editing or adjust photos when you view them in the Photos app or even open them from other places like the Mail, SkyDrive and Camera apps.

The Windows 8.1 update seems very promising but we will have to wait and see what customers think about the latest update.

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