Far Cry 5: Ubisoft Showcases Gameplay Video At E3 2017 And It's A Doozy

A few weeks ago, Ubisoft released an image online, hinting at some interesting details about the upcoming Far Cry 5. Now, at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the studio has finally released a gameplay trailer of the title. This gives fans a ballpark idea of how the game's combat system works.

Contrary to what was expected, the studio resorted to releasing more about Far Cry 5 at the aforementioned event. It was made during the company's presentation, unveiling a gameplay trailer for the soon-to-be-released title. This definitely made some huge waves during the highly celebrated event.

According to GameSpot, the video shows a church at the beginning in which there can be seen dozens of armed citizens. These people apparently raise their guns while singing Amazing Grace, a Christian-themed song. Later on, the studio's very own Dan Hay (executive producer for the game) went to the stage and discussed the title, specifically about Hope County.

Hay described the said location as something that its "vast" and "rugged" in Far Cry 5. Unfortunately for this place, it is overrun by a cult. People here, as what he said, are just "scared." He event went to iterate that some routes and/or areas in the place are cut-off, while some are simply non-existent when it comes to cell signal.

The Verge notes that later on, the trailer, which is embedded below, for Far Cry 5 showcased the gameplay of the game. It featured two characters, both of which were overlooking the church. It can also be seen that some people were attacked viciously, as they did not submit themselves to the cult.

The footage basically introduced the face of the resistance, the ones responsible for building the cult. They are also the ones responsible for all the murders happening within Hope County. The title is basically a follow-up to last year's hit game Far Cry Primal. It is set for a release come Feb. 27 next year and will be made available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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