Microsoft Brings Back The Original Xbox Controller

As of today, the original Microsoft Xbox, as well as its oversized controller, is nearly 16 years old. Meaning, a lot of younger gamers will have never experienced playing on one. Aside from that, they will also never experienced holding the "Duke," controller which is the nickname given to the immense controller the original Xbox shipped which was referred to as "Fatty."

Original Xbox Controller Is Coming Back

Not until today, when Microsoft decided to bring back the original oversized Duke controller for all the new gamers. According to The Verge, the oversized controller from the original Xbox console is officially making a comeback on the Xbox One this holiday season.

The accessory maker named as Hyperkin is partnering with Microsoft in order to bring back the legendary controller and use it for the Xbox One and other compatible Windows 10 devices. However, there will be some changes in the appearance and its function.

PCMag reported that the upcoming new version of the Duke controller is a slightly modernized compared to the original and that it will be a “faithful recreation of the original controller's form factor.” In fact, Hyperkin is updating the upcoming controller with “a logo display screen, left and right bumpers, and a 9 ft. detachable cable.” Aside from that good news, Microsoft also announced earlier today at its E3 keynote that the tech firm would be adding backward compatibility for the original console Xbox to the Xbox One.

Meet Microsoft Xbox 'The Duke'

For those people who are not that familiar with the Microsoft Xbox Duke’s majesty, here is a quick rundown of the controller. The oversized controller named as Duke came into being alongside the original units of Xbox home console. It was released on November 21, 2001, in North America, meaning 16 years have passed already after its first appearance.

The Duke remains to this day, especially to those gamers who prefers to use the most infamous pieces of hardware for their games. The many negative feedbacks of the controller led to its eventual replacement by the smaller one, which was originally called as Xbox Controller S. Microsoft's consoles such as Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as well as its controllers, followed also the design from the contoller S, instead of the oversized Duke.


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