Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Codenamed 'Samsung Gr3at', Leaked Video Confirms Awesome Design

A new video has surfaced showing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or at least the front panel and screen protector. Nevertheless, the leak confirms what many have been thinking - the Galaxy Note 8 will be awesome.

The video which "Slashleaks" was able to save before it was deleted started with a shot of a computer screen with what are presumed as Chinese characters along with the words "3D" and "For Galaxy Note 8." The man shooting the video then shows the front panel of what is assumed to belong to the Galaxy Note 8. He then held the screen protector before showing both at the same time.

As BGR pointed out, the alleged front panel of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 resembles that of the Galaxy S8. Based on the leaked video, the Galaxy Note 8 will have tiny bezels which seem a bit slimmer as those of the Galaxy S8.

In other news, well-known leaker Evan Leaks is at it again with a tweet saying the codename for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not "Great" but "Samsung Gr3at." As WCCFtech noted, knowing the codename of the Galaxy Note 8 at this point is not as exciting as other rumors and leaks. However, the part where the number "3" replaces the "E" seems to allude to something important.

One speculation is that Samsung has included three new features in the Galaxy Note 8 that have never been used on a Note device before. WCCFtech figured those three could be the Infinity Display, a much-improved S-Pen, and a dual camera set-up. A very recent leak showed a vertical dual camera system at the center of the Galaxy Note 8's back. Perhaps more intriguing is the lack of a fingerprint sensor. If the leaked image is real, this means Samsung has found a way to integrate the sensor on the display of the Galaxy Note 8. There is also the possibility that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be powered by the Qualcomm's Snapdragon 836 processor which may possibly come before the Note 8 is launched.

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