Pixel 2 XL Now Canceled; Google Preparing For A Much Bigger Smartphone

A few information on upcoming Google Pixel 2 has been leaked just this week. Aside from its fish codenames, Google’s next-gen smartphones are said to be as expensive as their predecessors once they hit stores this fall.

Give Way For Taimen

A recent leak suggested that the anticipated Google Pixel 2 XL is now canceled on production because the search and tech giant will focus on making a bigger smartphone. However, that’s not absolutely and wholly bad news since Google will soon produce a phablet-like gadget, a new reason for us to be excited.

According to Forbes, Google is working on three different models of Pixel mobile devices, which includes Walleye, Muskie, and Taimen. The Google Pixel 2 XL, also known with its codename as Muskie, won’t become the real Pixel XL 2 of this year. Instead, the smartphone Taimen will probably be known as the Pixel XL 2 and it will be the main focus of Google after the Pixel 2.

As of now, it is still unclear what triggers Google in order to cancel the production of Muskie. However, smartphone enthusiasts are very powerful and eager to discover a bug report from the Android Issue Tracker that seems to confirm the said story. In fact, a tipster claimed that Muskie was canceled due to battery life issues and other cost-effectiveness goals.

A Switch From HTC To LG

Google's Taimen smartphone is made by LG and not by HTC, unlike the initial reports and expectations. For the record, HTC manufactured the first Pixel phones series for Google and it was assumed to retain exclusivity for a year. Additional reports stated that LG may be among the many companies looking to win the Google Pixel 3 contract.

In addition to that, Google and LG have been reportedly negotiating a huge investment in OLED displays. In fact, Google announced that the company wants to ensure that it will have enough supply for future mobile devices. With this, it is not really impossible if LG and Google are also partnering to produce the next series of Google Pixel phones.


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