Xbox One X vs Xbox One S: Which Console Is Worth Your Cash?

Microsoft started the E3 conference with an announcement everyone has been waiting for- the launch of the new Xbox One X.  Alongside a price drop for the Xbox One S, it's pretty clear where Microsoft is positioning its new console. The top-end, powerful spec machine is designed for hard gamers who want the latest graphics with beefier performance.


As for design, the One X is smaller than the One S and it is also thinner with a smaller footprint according to reports. The One S comes in white variant only, meanwhile, more likely the One X will be available in black only for the time being.


As far as the specs go, the Xbox One X is a modern console with components that are designed for today's mid-range gaming PCs. On the other hand, the Xbox One S is no slouch, however, it's using similar technology to the original Xbox One that was released in 2013. In gaming performance, the two consoles will handle very differently, although both can deliver the same UHD resolution.

Xbox One X is powered by eight core CPU at 2.3GHz with 1TB and is backed up with 12GB of GDDR5 RAM at 6.8GHz and with 6teraflop GPU at 1,172 MHz. While Xbox One S is powered by eight core custom AMD CPU at 1.75GHzwith 500GB and 1TB. It is backed up with 8GB DDR3 RAMand 1.23 teraflop Radeon GPU.


If you're on a budget then the Xbox One S should be your choice. The Xbox One S is available for around $200 if you go for the later 1TB variant with FIFA 17 bundled in. On the flip side, the Xbox One X will be launching at a price around $500 when it hits the market in November. Xbox One S is a great console and doubles up as a blu-ray player. However, Xbox One X offers more powerful spec, which is worth your cash.


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