AirPower concept image

A Leak Shows That Apple's Wireless Charging Mat AirPower Might Be Coming

Leaked images of the long-awaited AirPower from Apple has shown that is is still being worked on and it hasn't been scrapped.

by Jared N.

iPhone 11

How To Choose The Best iPhone Power Banks? 4 Factors to Consider and Top 3 Picks

With so many brands and options to consider, the question of choosing what power bank to get for your iPhone, Android or portable device is something that you have to consider carefully. It is after all an investment and does not come cheap in any way.

by CaseQ.

Father Makes Fundraiser to Make Back $2,800 His 9-Year-Old Kid Spends on the Apple Store After Finding

Father Makes Fundraiser to Make Back $2,800 His 9-Year-Old Kid Spends on the Apple Store After Finding "Hack"

A certain father started a fundraiser trying to make back the $2,800 his 9-year-old spent on the Apple Store after finding a certain "hack."

by Urian

Protests against the death in Minneapolis police custody of George Floyd, in Los Angeles

Apple Sends Warning: Looters Will Be Tracked Down Through Stolen iPhones

Apple is one of the high-end retailers that actually saw the filth straight of rioting and looting and has now decided to take action in order to protect its staff and also to prevent further damages.

by Urian

An Apple iPhone

Bug Bounty Hunter Discovers Severe Authentication Bypass in Apple's Servers and Earns $100,000

A bug bounty hunter has discovered an authentication bypass bug that could've led to user accounts getting hijacked! They earned a whopping $100,000!

by Jared N.

[Hack] Get $200 After Rebates when Buying the Apple iPhone XR for $576! Here's How to Get the Phone for $376

[Hack] Apple iPhone XR Drops $200 From $576 After Rebates: Here's How to Get it

Why spend the entire $576 on the Apple iPhone XR when you can get $200 of that amount back? Here's how to get the phone for only $376!

by Urian

Leak: 2021 Apple iPhone 13 Camera Setup and Specs

Apple iPhone 13 Camera Setup Leak for 2021!

Although the iPhone 12 has not yet reached the market, the iPhone 13's possible camera setup has already been leaked!

by Urian

News Briefs: Apple Buys Inductiv, wins rights to

News Briefs: Apple Buys Inductiv, wins rights to "Killers Of The Flower Moon," iPhone 13 Camera Leaked

Apple has confirmed to Bloomberg that it recently acquired Canada-based Inductiv. Other news say it won rights to Martin Scorsese-directed film. Twitter user leaded supposed iPhone 13 camera specs.

by Staff Reporter

How to Use Apple Schoolwork 2.0 for Better Classroom Experience even at Home

How to Use Apple Schoolwork 2.0 for Easier Online Classes

The update Apple Schoolwork 2.0 aims to provide the classroom experience to students who are struggling at home. Here's how to use it.

by Urian

Apple wins global award for efforts to eradicate slave labour

Apple Whistleblower Says that Siri is Listening to Your Medical Records, Intimate Moments, Criminal Activity, and More

The previous contractor turned Apple whistleblower finally goes public after lack of action with regards to Siri collecting users' medical records, intimate moments, criminal activities, and more!

by Urian

[Scoop] Apple Users Alarmed Over iOS 13.5 Public Beta Aimed to Help Fight Coronavirus But Compromises on Convenience

[Scoop] Apple Users Alarmed Over iOS 13.5 Public Beta with Contact Tracing Update Amid Privacy Issues

The Apple iOS 13.5 public beta will prioritize helping the fight against coronavirus but may compromise on convenience.

by Urian

Should You Buy Yourself a New Laptop or Should You Buy Yourself a New Apple iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard?

Hack: Why Buy a Laptop When You can Buy an Apple iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard Instead?

There is actually an alternative to laptops and that is an Apple iPad Pro and a Magic Keyboard!

by Urian

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charger Stand

Wireless Is The Way To Go And These Chargers Are The Best Of The Bunch

Charge up and free up your devices with these best wireless chargers available on Amazon that were made to be efficient in both cost and output.

by Renz

Dell XPS 15 9570

Take A Look At These Functionally Amazing Laptops That Would Fit Your Work From Home Mom On Mothers' Day

Take Mothers' Day to a whole tech level with these perfectly functional laptops that your work from home mom is sure to love

by Renz

SIM Trays? Camera? Display Assembly? $400 Apple iPhone SE Shares Same Parts with iPhone 8: Is This a Good Thing or Bad Thing?

$400 Apple iPhone SE and iPhone 8 Share the Same Parts? Cameras, SIM Trays, and More!

Apple's new upcoming iPhone SE has been all over social media with buyers excited for the upcoming $400 phone but what would happen when they find out that the new SE shares parts with the iPhone 8?

by Urian

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