2017 12.9-inch iPad Pro vs 10.5-inch iPad Pro: Which Is The Better Apple Tablet

Apple finally announced its new line-up of tablets early this month highlighted by the 2017 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Both are upgrades of previous Apple tablets, specifically the 2015 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro from 2016.

To determine which is the right iPad Pro for you, it is best to compare them side by side. The most obvious difference between the two new iPad Pro tablets is their sizes. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro had an increase of 20 percent from its predecessor. It measures 9.87 x 6.85 x 0.24 inches and weighs up to 1.05 pounds. The 2017 12.9-inch iPad Pro comes in at 12.04 x 8.69 x 0.27 inches and up to 1.53 pounds.

Despite the bigger size, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro somewhat feels smaller and lighter than its predecessor. That's because it is slightly more compact than the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The same can be said with the 2017 12.9-inch iPad Pro when compared with its predecessor. The bigger display also adds to the illusion that the new iPad Pros are smaller than their predecessors.

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro comes with a 120Hz LED True Tone Multi-touch display with 2224 x 1668 pixel resolution. The 2017 12.5-inch iPad Pro, meanwhile, has the same qualities but higher pixel resolution at 2732 x 2048. However, both tablets have 264 pixels per inch or ppi.

Regarding performance, Apple claims that its tablets are faster than others, thanks to their A10X Fusion chips which are capable of increasing the CPU speed up to 30 percent and the GPU by 40 percent. Forbes noted that Apple did not specify which of the new iPad Pros exhibited those figures.

Both tablets come with a 12-megapixel rear camera and 7-megapixel front shooter. Both cameras are capable of recording 4K video. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro each boasts an impressive 10-hour battery life.

One problem some may find with the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is its $649 tag price. Its predecessor sold for $50 less than that while the new 9.7-inch Apple tablet retails for only $329. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro comes in at $899 for the 256GB model while the 512GB variant sells for $1,099.

As Apple Insider noted, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro was the best in its class but the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro is even better. That makes it a good buy despite its hefty price tag. Fans of bigger tablets may opt for the 2017 12.9-inch iPad Pro but the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro is likely to sell better.

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