Here's A Tablet That Will Give You The Feels Of Drawing With A Pen And Paper

The reMarkable tablet is a walking contradiction. It's not paper yet feels like one. It was created to give people who prefers things to be digital a chance to experience paper in a digital way. It also allows "paper people" to experience a digital version of what they like to do which is to draw and write on paper as well as read books.

These functions are old news. Tablets and other devices allow a stylus or digital pen to write on their screens. There's also the eBook reader for reading digital copies of books, comics, magazines, and other publications. What makes the reMarkable different is that, if not for the fact that the user is holding a tablet, it feels so much like paper. As remarkable founder and CEO Magnus Wanberg explained, they wanted to "take the paper experience but add digital power on top, because paper is so limited."

Wanberg and his Oslo-based team partnered with E Ink, a Japanese company known for manufacturing electronic ink for eBooks, to come up with the reMarkable paper tablet. It comes with a 10.3-inch E Ink display which is the key to everything the company is claiming. The high-resolution display utilizes a glass-coated LCD that gives a texture similar to that of paper. Trusted Reviews tested out the paper tablet and compared it to an iPad Pro. The reporter stressed that the Apple device "doesn't come anywhere near to the feeling of actually writing on paper" that the remarkable provides.

Being the "world's fastest digital paper" also adds to the experience. Business Insider stressed that lagging has long been a huge problem with tablets. The reMarkable paper tablet's speed makes writing and drawing with the digital pen almost instantaneous and ditches that annoying lagging issue.

The reMarkable tablet will sell for $529 while the digital pen will be available for $79. With the scary prospect of an environmental disaster that would wipe out trees and other sources of paper, having the reMarkable tablet may be a good thing. It will ensure that people will still know how it feels to write and draw on paper in such a dystopian future.

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