iPhone 8 Latest Leaks Reveal Release Date And Amazing Final Design

Chances are high that the greatly anticipated iPhone 8 will be unveiled later than the traditional September release date. This has been rumored again and again in the prior months. This time, however, a new clue has surfaced pointing to that possibility.

Finisar, a company that manufactures high-tech lasers and believed to be one of Apple's suppliers, reported that a certain company is scheduled to purchase tens of millions of its specialized lasers later in the year. Many have already speculated that Finisar is talking about Apple. If this is the case, it means whatever Apple device that will utilize the specialized laser can still make it to a September launch but is likely to be released by October owing to the fact that the order for the components will be placed later in 2017.

The iPhone 8 is expected to have AR depth mapping and image recognition which are possible with the help of high-tech lasers similar to what Finisar creates. Hence, the much hyped iPhone 8 will likely ship later than September. As BGR pointed out, this estimate simply confirms other rumors before it.

Despite the confusion regarding the launch and release date of the iPhone 8, there is one thing that can be surmised based on the recent leaks - the iPhone 8 will have a huge display. The supposed final design of the iPhone 8 shows a screen that is surrounded by very slim bezels with a provision at the top some basic features.

The latest confirmation for this iPhone 8 design comes from a UK-based case maker called MobileFun. The online retailer published a listing for a screen protector meant for the iPhone 8. According to Tom's Guide, the listing shows a screen protector just over an iPhone 8. As seen on the image, the iPhone 8 will sport an edge-to-edge screen and will have no physical buttons at the front which indicates the use of a virtual home button.

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