iPhone X Will Come In Time For Christmas

The production of the iPhone X or more popularly referred to as the iPhone 8, is allegedly right on schedule. As such, it will make it to stores in time for the holidays.

According to Barron's, BlueFin Research Partners has indicated that the rumored delay in production supposedly due to a lack of certain components is not true. John Donovan and Steve Mulane, a couple of analysts with the boutique research house wrote a report which claims that they have stumbled upon data from one of Apple's supply chains saying there are "some subtle and telling shifts to the June and September quarter build forecasts" for the three iPhones that are expected this year including the iPhone X.

From the BlueFin report, it may be gathered that the production of the components for the upcoming iPhones that were previously rumored to be delayed is, in fact, moving along at the moment. This means the production of the iPhones themselves will not be delayed.

Despite the ongoing production, the available iPhone X handsets at launch will supposedly be limited. BGR noted that the BlueFin report said that only 13 million iPhone X units will be available in September, the expected launch of the iPhone X or iPhone 8. That figure is 5 million short of the analysts' previous prediction made back in March.

However, the report also stressed that the iPhone X will see an improved production come October. BlueFin expects Apple to shift focus on the production of the iPhone X later in the year, particularly on CQ4'17 until mid-2018.

Some rumors say that the iPhone 8 or iPhone X will miss the September launch or 2017 completely due to issues with the OLED displays and other components. Apple's rumored ambitious design for the iPhone 8 is supposedly making it hard for the company's supply chain manufacturers particularly Broadcom Limited and Analog Device Limited, to keep up with the demand.

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