Steven Universe Season 5 News, Updates: Installment Might Go On A Month-Long Hiatus; Pink Diamond's Murder Mystery Yet To Be Unfolded

"Steven Universe" is on another hiatus and there is no definite word yet on when the critically acclaimed show will return on small screen. Fans are however expecting the break to last for at least a month. Spoilers, on the other hand, reveal that Pink Diamond's murder mystery is not yet over and will be tackled as "Steven Universe" Season 5 continues.

"Steven Universe's" creator Rebecca Sugar previously talked about the big mystery surrounding Pink Diamond's death. Sugar said that the mystery will continue and fans might soon discover the real cause of her demise. Since Sugar would not drop any further hints, fans are fast to speculate on who the real murderer is.

In a "Steven Universe" forum, users are guessing that Yellow Diamond was the real culprit, considering her rough relationship with Pink Diamond. However, there are also countless theories that the talks on Rose Quartz shuttering Pink Diamond are true. In fact, the rest of the Diamonds believe in the latter which caused young Steven to stand before them for the trial of a murder that his mother allegedly committed.

After Steven said that he is Rose Quartz, he and Lars faced great danger in Homeworld for the murder of Pink Diamond. As the crime remains important to the space beings, many are convinced that it is only right for the current season to resolve the mystery. The last episode has, however, showed Steven going back home through the new powers acquired by Lars.

Predictions are Steven and the Gems will plan a rescue to take Lars out of Homeworld and to finish Rose Quartz' fight against the Diamonds. It might take a while though before fans get to see the next adventures of Steven as the kid cartoon is now on another hiatus which is expected to be month-long.

"Steven Universe" Season 5 last aired episodes on May 29. Cartoon Network is again keeping mum about the break and updates as to when the show will continue airing episodes are hard to come by.

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