'Steven Universe' Season 5 Updates: Lars' New Power Saves Steven; Show's Song Compilation Album Launches On Friday

"Steven Universe" Season 5 already kicked off last Monday with an exciting discovery. Lars apparently acquired new powers which helped Steven go back to Earth. More adventures are expected to go down as the Crystal Gems and Steven now have an easy way to travel from Earth to Homeworld.

The new season opened with a series of action-packed episodes as Steven and Lars struggle to survive in Homeworld. From the fourth episode of "Steven Universe" Season 5 opening special, Steven and the Off-Color Gems were able to find out something special about Lars. As the teenage boy woke up from unconsciousness, his pink color made the gang curious, finding out what changes occurred to him. Steven then saw Lars' new special ability as he turns out to be a magic portal through his hair like Lion.

As Steven dove into Lars' hair to see what is on his head, he discovers that there is a connection between his friend and Lion. Steven was then able to go home to Earth and back in Homeworld in no time. Steven then shares the discovery that gave the group the hope to escape from the security robots. Also, through Steven's packed sandwiches and juice, he was able to prove the Off-Color Gems that Earth is not yet decimated as the Diamonds have been spreading.

At the end of "Steven Universe" Season 5, "Lars' Head" episode, the friends came to a solution on how they can survive. Steven was pushed to go back to Earth and tell everyone in Beach City about Lars' situation in Beach City. The Crystal Gems who were then worried on how they can save Steven were surprised to see the boy back home.

The turn of events in the first four episodes of "Steven Universe" Season 5 is said to lead the installment to a more exciting arc. With the connection that Lars and Lion have, Steven and the Gems now have a passage which can help them save their friends left in Homeworld. The question now is how they can help Lars go back home when he is the only way to Earth. Will Steven and the Crystal Gems come up with an escape plan?

Meanwhile, creator Rebecca Sugar previously talked about the upcoming "Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1." The album will be a collection of songs performed by the cast of the hit Cartoon Network show. A "first come, first served" listening party also went down at the Pacific Theatres in Los Angeles in preparation for the album's official release on Friday, June 2.

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