Fire Emblem Heroes Is Giving 5 Orbs For Free To Counter Glitch Complaints; Launches Weekly Arena Quests

In its bid to assuage the complaining fans, Fire Emblem Heroes is giving away 5 orbs for free. The game developer is offering this special bonus in order to placate the fans for a recent glitch in the game. In a related development, the game's Weekly Arena quests have also gone live.

Apparently, the source of the glitch in Fire Emblem Heroes comes from the Grand Hero Battle for Legion: Masked Maniac. It seems that the glitch causes the screen to malfunction so that the terrain is not properly seen. Nintendo admitted that they can't fix the problem. They just informed the fans after the launching of the event.

The Grand Hero Battle for Legion: Masked Maniac game event for Fire Emblem Heroes was launched on June 16. Legion: Masked Maniac is a villain from New Mystery of the Emblem. In this event, gamers are required to defeat this villain's maps to earn the rewards. This is actually a difficult mode presenting gamers a unique kind of challenge. This event is supposed to run until June 22.

However, with the presence of the glitch, it made it even more challenging for gamers to defeat the maps of this Fire Emblem Heroes special event. As compensation for the unintended additional difficulty, the game developer thought of giving 5 orbs for free to every gamer that joined the event.

In a related note, Nintendo has also recently announced that it has already launched its Weekly Arena Quests. For three weeks, starting on June 20, these quests will be open to Fire Emblem Heroes gamers who wish to join. Rewards are at stake if they will repeatedly challenge the arena during this event.

The first week of the Fire Emblem Heroes Weekly Arena Quests will start on June 20 and will end on June 27 at 2:59 p.m. Second week will start right after and will last up to July 4 at 2:59 p.m. The last week will start right after and will end on July 11 at 2:59 p.m.

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