Steven Yeun Wants To Reprise Role In 'The Walking Dead'

The new season of “The Walking Dead” ended in April this year and it left with a few more of the beloved characters dead. Actor Steven Yeun who plays the role of Glenn Rhee has expressed his gusto in returning to the series and reprising his role.

In “The Walking Dead” Season 7, Glenn Rhee met a terrible and gruesome demise at the hands of Negan and his trusted barbed wired-bat, Lucille. The young pizza delivery boy from Atlanta got his head smashed and eye dislocated. With how Glen was killed, no one would ever think he’d have a second chance to live. However, there might be a hint that Glenn might actually return after the “Okja” star let out something interesting.

Actor Steven Yeun has suddenly revealed that he is open to the possibility of returning to “The Walking Dead” television series. Despite how illogical it is to reprise Glenn’s character, Yeun said that he will leave it open to what makes sense. He added that he did not want anyone or the story to force anything but if it sounds logic then he is totally down to coming back to the series to reprise his role.

Before Glenn’s last breath, he muttered that he will find Maggie Greene. The two characters eventually married and had a child and it seems like the phrase “till death do us part” does not apply to Glenn or maybe even to the “The Walking Dead” series. Glenn’s desire to find his family could be a factor for him to return but it’s uncertain how a person who gets his skull smashed could still be alive. Maybe “The Walking Dead” is preparing a lot more surprises on the way especially since they have deviated from the story of the original comics by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlier Adlard.

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