'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3 Spoilers: Major Character's Unexpected Death Shocks Fans; Showrunner Explains

AMC’s companion series and prequel to the hit zombie show “The Walking Dead” has just returned with a new season. “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 3 kicked off last weekend with a startle as pandemonium is set loose.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Loses Travis Manawa

On June 4, AMC aired the first two episodes of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 3. The episodes were aptly titled “Eye of the Beholder” and “The New Frontier”. The prequel series may have just returned with new episodes but the production made sure not to hold back on the unexpected twists.

Travis Manawa, who is one of the main characters in the show, was shockingly killed off and fans were terribly surprised at the turn of events. Travis was fatally wounded after being shot and Alicia Clark noticed he has been infected so she threw him off the helicopter when she realized his case was hopeless. The death scene has still gotten some in disbelief, speculating that maybe Travis isn’t really dead yet.

Showrunner Explains The Reason Behind Travis Manawa’s Death

One of the creators of the show, Dave Erickson affirmed that Travis is indeed dead and even illustrated that falling from the helicopter from that height will clearly create a trauma to his brain, causing him to die instead of turning. He further revealed that Travis’s death will be felt for the rest of the “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 3 because the Clark family will be haunted by it. The death will play mind games on Alicia especially after she just killed someone to save Travis a few days before his sad demise.

Erickson revealed that actor Cliff Curtis who portrays the character of Travis was already aware of this predicament. The crew has informed Curtis even before they started the shoot for “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 3. Even it was hard, they explained to him that his death prompts the story to be of redemption and the actor has wholly understood that Travis’ death plays a vital role in the structure of the show.

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