Amazon Prime Photos Has A Hidden Feature And It’s Amazing

When it comes to unlimited storage options, Google Photos and Apple's iCloud seem to be at the head of the pack. However, Amazon Prime Photos should not be discounted especially after learning that it has a secret feature that photographers will surely love.

One thing going for Amazon Prime Photos is that it does not compress photos. Google Photos is guilty of this. In fact, it allows users to store both original and compressed images. However, originals take up so much space so Google Photos users prefer compressing the images first.

Amazon Prime Photos lets users store raw image files and jpegs. They can be stored in the account's free allowance. According to Forbes, a raw file is the "output from the camera sensor without compression or only light compression." A raw file is also likened to an unprocessed film in which the user can process the image to his or her liking instead of letting the camera do it.

Amazon Prime Photos subscription is cheap at $12 a year if the user only wants to use it for photos. Some Prime subscriptions already include Amazon Prime Photos. Whether the feature comes with the subscription or the user pays for it, the Amazon Prime Photos will allow the user to store as many images as they want. This is possible because the raw files do not count against the storage allowance.

In related news, Amazon recently cut the unlimited photo storage for many Amazon Cloud Drive users. The feature was first revealed a couple for years ago as noted by Fortune. Before the announcement, Cloud Drive users paid only $59.99 for unlimited online storage. It will now utilize a tiered pricing system. The previous amount can now get users up to 1TB of online storage while another 1TB will cost another $59.99 annual fee. Amazon is also offering 100GB of online backup for only $11.99 a year.

It remains to be seen if Amazon will eventually ditch the unlimited feature of the Prime Photos. For now, subscribers should just take advantage of the Amazon Prime Photos hidden feature.

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