Lenovo’s New Laptop Concept Is Weird

Lenovo is not one to shy away from the weird stuff. In fact, it has recently revealed a mind-bending new laptop concept at a New York event on June 20.

Lenovo unveiled a laptop design which it dubbed as the future of personalized computing. The concept features a laptop with a flexible display that can be bent or folded like one would with a yoga mat. There will be no hinge to talk of as the screen itself will be flexible enough to fold and close the laptop.

Lenovo envisions the bendable laptop to be made of "advanced materials" and "new screen technologies" though the company did not specify what particular materials those would be. The flexible laptop will have a built-in keyboard complete with Lenovo's signature ThinkPad "pointing stick or mouse nub" as The Verge described it.

Since the bendable laptop is still a concept, there is no guarantee that it will actually be made. In fact, Engadget believes there are a few reasons why one should be skeptical of the idea of a flexible laptop. The website cited the fact that most concept utilizing flexible screens have not made it past the development stage. It did recognize that flexible screens are "a reality."

Furthermore, the fact that Lenovo mentioned that the flexible laptop will employ "advanced materials" and "new screen technologies" prove that there is no assurance that the concept will become reality. Simply put, Lenovo needs to wait for such materials and technology to become reality before it can turn the flexible laptop concept into reality as well.

For now, there are signs that the tech industry will someday reach that stage where flexible devices are common. Samsung, for instance, is working on what will possibly be the first foldable smartphone. Scientists have also developed a flexible memory made of Graphene. The flexible flash storage is one step closer to building devices such as Lenovo's flexible laptop concept.

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