Samsung Galaxy X Latest Updates: Foldable Smartphone Officially Trademarked, Possible Release This Year

Samsung officially owns Galaxy X. The Korean tech giant recently received the trademark for the Galaxy X name. The trademark was approved by the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service or KIPRIS.

News of a foldable or bendable phone first surfaced in 2015 when someone leaked about the Project Valley. The rumor gained a bit of traction in 2016 when Samsung applied for a patent for a flip phone that "can be folded and unfolded semi-automatically." Per GSM Arena, this latest development is seen as a possible confirmation that Samsung is progressing with its Project Valley.

Two Possible Samsung Galaxy X Devices

The Korean conglomerate is reportedly planning on releasing two devices under the Galaxy X brand. According to Inquisitr, the two handsets are currently labeled as the SM-X9000 Galaxy X1 and the SM-X9050 X1+. It is possible that Samsung is developing a standard Galaxy X smartphone and another phablet-sized device possibly with high-end features.

Samsung Galaxy X Release

Despite being in the news for quite some time now, nothing concrete can be said about the Galaxy X. This includes the release date. Rumors, however, said that the foldable phone will come out at the same time as the Galaxy Note 8. So far, rumors point to a possible August release for the Galaxy Note 8 which means the Galaxy X will also be released around this time.

Another rumor hinted that Samsung will release two foldable smartphones in 2017, either during Q3 or Q4. If the two handsets mentioned here is the same as the X1 and X1+ in the other rumor, then the Galaxy X is poised for a release between July and December this year.

There are also rumors saying Samsung will be initially releasing only 100,000 units of the Galaxy X. This is supposed to gauge the reaction of the market before going full blast. There is also one particular rumor that claimed a prototype of the Galaxy X was shown behind closed doors. According to the buzz, only a select few were allowed inside the private exhibition room to see the foldable device.

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