Joseph Duggar Is Kendra Caldwell's Second Romance After Jedidiah Duggar? Joy-Anna And Austin Forsyth's Hand Grabbing Before Wedding Stirs Criticisms

The latest episode of "Counting On" stirred a new set of rumor involving newly-wed couple Joy-Anna and Austyn Forsyth. The duo was reportedly caught on camera as they hand grabbed while they were "flipping houses," sparking rumors that they broke a major courtship rule of the Duggars. Meanwhile, Kendra Caldwell is currently in hot water as reports reveal that she dated Jedidiah before Joseph.

The Duggar nation is currently discussing the hand grabbing of Austin and Joy-Anna as seen in the latest episode of "Counting On." While they are already married, the episode was filmed months before their wedding hence sparking talks that they violated Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's courtship rule.

Fans know very well that the Duggar children are not allowed to do intimate acts while they are still in courtship. This includes holding hands and front hugging. However, the show's camera was able to capture Austin holding Joy-Anna's hand while he was teaching the 19-year-old to use the saw. The Duggar parents are not commenting on the talks as the two are now married. Some followers of the religious family are however disappointed to see the Duggar ladies breaking the rules that they set.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo was in the same hot water when she was still in courtship with Jeremy. There were even rumors that they were intimate before they got married hence labeling her the black sheep of the family. As she goes on with her married life, Jinger was seen several times breaking their dress code, making fans more convinced that she is determined to live her life liberally.

However, Joy-Anna is not the only Duggar at the center of fans' discussions. Joseph Duggar's fiancée, Kendra Caldwell, has reportedly dated Jedidiah, 18, before she entered a courtship with the former.

An alleged former associate of the Duggars reportedly told a publication that Kendra was romantically involved with Jedidiah but Joseph went in the way. The anonymous tipper said that the brothers had a hostile relationship then until Jedidiah gave his blessing to brother Joseph and decided to move on.

There are talks though that Jim Bob Duggar had something to do with Jed's change of heart. The Duggar patriarch is accused of talking things out with Jed to allow his older brother to pursue the relationship before him. On the other hand, there are also those who believe that the decision was influenced by Jedidiah's better judgment of keeping his relationship with his brother than with Kendra Caldwell.

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