Josh Duggar Attacked By Marjorie Jackson On Her New Book; 'Counting On' Fans Still Rooting For Jana Duggar and Tim Tebow Courtship

A former love of Josh Duggar's brother came back to indirectly attack the eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle on her tell-all book. Marjorie Jackson who was once in courtship with Josiah Duggar reportedly released a book talking about women's purity and dignity and it is said to touch Josh Duggar's scandals. While the disgraced Duggar is pounded by speculations, Jana is making things lighter as fans are happily pairing her up again with Tim Tebow.

News about the Duggar family has always been a mix of praise and criticisms. Josh Duggar's life is most especially being targeted by their followers and this time he is reportedly noted in Marjorie Jackson's newly released book. The author then reportedly threw subtle shades on Josh Duggar's poor judgment by discussing the importance of sexual chastity on her creation titled "Devoted: A Girl's 31-Day Guide to Good Living with a Great God."

It is said that Marjorie shared an enlightenment about promiscuousness. She also delivered a few pieces of advice about relationships, writing, "How do we handle relationships? What kinds of movies, music, websites, jokes, and conversations do we allow and engage in? Is our dress suggestive and provocative, or modest and proper for a girl professing to have Jesus in her heart?"

Furthermore, the author indirectly discussed her supposed mistake on entering a courtship with a Duggar, which she only realized when the scandals of Josh went out. Marjorie reportedly told her readers to thoroughly screen future suitors with the help of their fathers or Christian leaders so that they can "weed the creepers and determine the character."

Although Marjorie did not mention any names, many of her followers believe that it is a point directed to the Duggars. It can be recalled that Marjorie entered into a courtship with Josiah Duggar. Many then expected for the couple to end up in marriage; however, they announced their break up when Josh Duggar was exposed. Rumors then swirled that Josh's shortcomings made the young woman cut her connection with the Duggars; and while she has not commented about the talks in 2015, her book which was released on Monday reportedly answers to the questions given years ago.

Meanwhile, Jana Duggar is getting a more positive attention from her "Counting On" fans. The single woman is once again being linked to the former quarterback, Tim Tebow. The millennial Christians were already rumored dating a few years ago but the alleged relationship never materialized.

Fans of the TLC reality show are not giving up though as they are once again discussing on Facebook comments of the Duggar family's page about Jana's love life. Most are rooting for Tim Tebow whom they find as an upright Christian and will be perfect for her to marry.

It can be recalled that Jana Duggar previously talked about her struggles in waiting for the perfect man. She also shared that it was difficult to stay single when she is surrounded by her married and engaged siblings and their babies. Jana Duggar has then admitted that there were men who asked her into courtship but declined the offers, as she has reportedly not found the right one among them.

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