'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: New Closing Video For Anime's Tournament Of Arc; New Manga Chapter Reveals Goku, Vegeta's Unseen Attacks

The next episode of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series will air this weekend. Prior to its release, new official updates have been unveiled for it and for the new episode that is set to air next weekend. Meanwhile, the latest chapter of the manga is out.

New updates for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 96 as well as episode 97 has just been released. The Tournament of Power is now going to kick off. However, before Team Universe 7 heads off to the World of Void where the arena is, their warriors assemble first at Bulma’s Capsule Corporation to talk about the importance of teamwork. Team leader Gohan is somehow running into difficulties about this probably because this is the first time this set of warriors have teamed up and that the supervillain Frieza has joined them.

The Tournament of Power will officially start in next week’s episode as all participating universes finally assemble their fighters. Before things start, the Grand Priest has opened up and reminded the fighters about the regulations on using weapons or any kinds of items that can help them in any way and the rule against killing opponents. In addition, the closing video sequence “Boogie Back” will end in this week’s episode and will be replaced with a new one as the Tournament of Power commences.

Meanwhile, the latest chapter of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga has just been released and it seems like everyone has new powers and techniques that weren't revealed in the anime series. Goku, who has just mastered his Super Saiyan Blue transformation, was able to concentrate his energy to his fist for a condensed attack and even revealed that he is capable of unleashing the power of destruction just like Beerus. Fused Zamasu’s time is up and has split up back to Goku Black and Lord Zamasu, revealing an eerie power of cloning that each possesses and the ability to open wormholes.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 25 reveals a difficult battle against the two villains. Vegeta who is enraged with how things aren’t going their way has transformed into Super Saiyan Blue to fight the clones. The manga is expected to conclude the Future Trunks Arc in the next chapter.

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