'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 95 Spoilers: Golden Frieza Appears; Team Universe 7 Assembles

The latest episode of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series has finally been released. Frieza is finally temporarily revived for the upcoming Tournament of Power and the members of Team Universe 7 have started to convene. However, things get rowdy when Frieza and Goku run into an unlikely welcoming party.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 94 sees the awaited resurrection of Frieza. Goku told the members of Team Universe 7 what Frieza wanted in return if he was to join them and win the tournament. Goku heads to Granny Baba to revive Frieza. The powerful villain complains of his halo but then gets into a fist fight as soon as he meets up with Goku.

Meanwhile, Sidra and Quitela of Universe 9 and Universe 4 have been keeping each other updated by using some sort of secret communication technique. The two gods of destruction come into an agreement by wiping out Team Universe 7 first just before the Tournament of Power starts. They send in tons of assassins after Goku and Frieza but it seems like it will not be enough to stop the duo.

The assassins finally met up with Frieza and Goku and to the former’s delight, he finally gets to instill some fear and gets violent after being locked up in hell for years. Frieza transforms into his ultimate golden form to prepare for a devastating attack against the unknowing assassins. The next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” will see Golden Frieza and Goku taking out their unwelcomed guests as the former goes on a happy rampage.

The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” for the ongoing Universe Survival Saga also saw the awaited reunion of siblings Android 17 and Android 18 as well as the latter finally meeting his brother-in-law, Krillin. The scene was rather candid but it portrayed how much the Androids have grown throughout the years. Android 17 heads to Bulma’s place and is surprised to get a warm welcome from the people he once fought against.

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