'Attack On Titan' Season 3 Confirmed; New Season Explores Royal Family’s Secrets, Survey Corps Struggle To Unveil The Truth

The second season of “Attack on Titan” anime series has opened to quite a lot of revelations. The latest season covered fairly well about Eren’s powers as a new titan shifter and the struggles of the Survey Corps in keeping him and the other titan shifters at bay.

Funimation wasted no time in announcing that “Attack on Titan” Season 3 will happen. The new season of the popular anime series will kick off in 2018. The trailer for the third season included colored versions of selected panels from the original manga series and it featured what will most likely happen in the next installment.

With Eren finally back with the Survey Corps, “Attack on Titan” Season 3 will be covering mostly the politics and the secrets of the royal family. Anyone who has religiously followed the monthly releases of the manga will know that the royal family holds the truth behind the emergence of the titan shifters as well as the real story behind the walled city of Paradis. Krista, who has been hinted to have a huge role in the second season, plays a pivotal role in the third season because she happens to be a daughter of the royal family out of wedlock.

In addition to the exploration of the royal family’s roots, “Attack on Titan” Season 3 will see a whole new side to the Survey Corps. Unfortunately, the beloved branch of the army will meet a great sacrifice wherein they will be forced into hiding. The new trailer that Funimation released for the new season particularly revealed a scene by the sea, which is actually the end of a certain arc and beginning of a story that puts Marley into the light. There are still a lot of stories to cover and it possible that the new arc depicting the Marleyans will be covered in “Attack on Titan” Season 4 especially since this is currently where the manga is.

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