'Attack On Titan' Spoilers: Eren's New Power Emerges During Rescue Operation; New Beast Titan Revealed And More

The latest episode and chapter of the anime and manga series of “Attack On Titan”, also known as “Shingeki No Kyojin” have touched new grounds in getting the story to move forward. Eren faces trouble as he gets abducted by the titans. The latest chapter of the manga reveals that Marley is preparing to attack Paradis Island.

Eren’s New Titan Power Unleashed In New Episode

The recent episode of “Attack on Titan” left off with Eren getting taken away once again. However, this time Reiner and Bertolt succeed in abducting him and even took along Ymir, who possessed the power of the jaw titan. Eren was forcefully taken from his assault titan form, which led him limbless for a few hours, forcing him helpless as he regenerates. Ymir suffers the same fate but while they await rescue, Bertolt and Reiner give hints on their mission.

However, it will be revealed in “Attack on Titan” Episode 34 that their talk will be cut short when the Survey Corps finally catches up with Reiner and Bertolt. The two Marley titan soldiers whisk away Ymir and Eren while trying to get the mindless titans to distract the corps. During this rescue operation, a lot of sacrifices will be made and once Eren is driven to a corner, he screams and unexpectedly commands the mindless titans to attack Reiner and Bertolt. This event unveils that Eren possessed the power of the founding titan, which has the ability to control titans.

New Beast Titan Introduced; Marley Prepares To Attack Paradis

In “Attack on Titan” Chapter 93, the heads of the Marley government convene just as they barely won the war against the Middle Eastern troops. The heads along with Zeke worry that the titans will not be able to withstand future attacks from enemies because of advancement in technology. Zeke then suggests they attack Paradis Island again to retake the power of the other four titans, especially the power of the founding titan, which is currently possessed by Eren.

The said chapter also revealed the new characters in the series and pointed out that Zeke has one more year to live before letting Colt inherit his Beast Titan form. Meanwhile, Peak, the cartman titan has been revealed to be a girl and Ymir, who has been missing for a while, has actually voluntarily passed on her titan form to Galliard, explaining that Ymir had the jaw titan form all along. Renier, who barely made it out alive from the recent war, is being haunted by his past and is probably thinking of ways to save the children, who have been assigned to inherit the titan powers Marley had control over.

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