'Wonder Woman' Gal Gadot Was Paid Way Less Than Her Male Counterparts In The DC Universe

The latest installation in the DC Universe film adaptation franchise sees the backstory of the most celebrated female superheroes in history. Warner Bros. Pictures finally released “Wonder Woman” in the United States in early June this year. With all the hype the movie is getting, it has been put to people’s attention that Gal Gadot has reportedly earned less for her role.

Actress Gal Gadot portrays the iconic role of Wonder Woman in the self-titled standalone movie. Gadot undoubtedly gave life to a superhero that many looked up to and she has nailed the character. With her name finally becoming a part of the household and the movie raking in half a billion in box office records, one would think that she’s gotten the best deal.

However, it was revealed that Gadot signed up for the lead role of Wonder Woman for a measly $300,000. This was when she first signed her contract and many have claimed there's a huge gap in gender pay because her male co-stars actually earned millions. Reports raised that actor Henry Cavill who plays the role of Superman in “Man of Steel” earned up to $14 million in that film alone.

The news of Gadot’s pay has gotten many fans and feminists rallying with pitchforks but it seems like the story over her payment was simply exaggerated. It has been explained that Gadot initially signed up with a $300,000 deal but of course, she will be receiving royalties and other perks. In addition, now that the movie has become successful and Gadot has clearly become indispensable, her contract and her payment will clearly be modified. As to Cavill’s alleged $14 million paycheck, the reports actually compared Gadot’s initial payment to Cavill’s total earnings, which means it already included the royalties and bonuses he got from the movie and his role. There is a gender gap in payments in Hollywood but it is not as outrageous as some news claim.

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