'Wonder Woman' Proves That Women Can Rule Superhero Movies

The latest and highly anticipated DC film has finally started to grace theaters all around the globe. “Wonder Woman” has been raking in positive reviews since its official premiere last month.

It has been years, 12 years to be exact, since a movie centered on a female superhero was produced. In 2005, Marvel movie “Elektra”, which starred Jennifer Garner, was released. This year, the first movie starring DC’s most popular female superhero has finally been unveiled.

“Wonder Woman” premiered in Shanghai on May 15 and garnered positive reviews even from major critics, promising it to be the best among the latest DC films. Those who have seen it already guaranteed an empowering film filled with stellar cast and action-packed scenes. The Warner Bros. movie is set to make its theatrical debut in the United States on June 2.

Director of “Wonder Woman”, Patty Jenkins revealed that she was able to deliver the best DC movie yet because she refused to be bound by the burden of being the first woman to direct a massive deal superhero film. She revealed that she was only keen on succeeding as a director and nothing else. Jenkins added that her approach to the new DC film was a combination of mythic fiction and real Hollywood machinery. Though it has not been confirmed, she has hinted few times already that a sequel is in the works as she refers to the new film as “Wonder Woman 1”.

Gal Gadot, who portrays the role of Diana Prince and Wonder Woman, admitted that she felt pressured having to play out such a huge and important role. However, she pointed out that she felt privileged for getting the opportunity to bring to life an iconic female character. Gadot was undoubtedly great and has been praised for her portrayal of the Amazonian princess but she still hopes that fans will be pleased with how she plays out everything Wonder Woman stands up for and symbolizes.

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