Duggars In Hot Water For Allegedly Mistreating Josh And Jessa's Kids? Jim Bob Duggar in Religion War With Son-In-Law Ben Seewald

There seems to be nothing about the Duggar Family that does not create a divided opinion among their followers. The famous reality family is once again in hot water with rumors that the adults are mistreating the third generation Duggars and the patriarch feuding with his sons-in-law.

A recent photo posted in the Duggar Facebook Page sparked criticisms that have gotten their kid-rearing practices in question. Josh and Jessa's young children were captured mopping the floor while a nursing bottle is even in the young boy's mouth. The photo was captioned by the family with "Train them young! These little ones love to 'help,'" which is reportedly became the center of discussion among the Duggar followers.

Commenters were speculating how harsh the Duggars are to kids in their third generation line as the term "train" is said to be used for animals. Some said they might end up raising another Josh with such kind of views in raising kids. Some others suggest they should change their ways as the family's controversial "blanket training" is a cruel way of disciplining children.

It can be recalled that Jill Dillard previously made headlines when she posted but later deleted photos of her newborn son tightly wrapped up in a blanket. What created concern is the sight of a baby looking distressed as it cried while Jill seems not to mind and continued to take photos. A fan page on social media even called out on Jill for seemingly "losing it" as it places the newborn in an early blanket training.

However, this is not the only issue that is currently affecting the Duggars. Jim Bob Duggar, who became famous for his solid Christian practices, is said to be in a religion-war with son-in-law, Ben Seewald. A supposed insider alleged Jim Bob for feuding with Ben after the latter chooses to follow Calvinism. The said discipline, which believes that a person's life and salvation is predetermined, was found out to be in contrast to Jim Bob's beliefs.

Following their differences, it is said that the in-laws are experiencing real-life tension which they refuse to show on "Counting On" cameras. Furthermore, it was revealed that Ben Seewald's more liberated views have already created a gap between him and Jim Bob before, Ben's support for the Black Lives Movement is also said to start disagreements between the two men.

Ben Seewald though is not the only son-in-law of Jim Bob recently rumored to cause a dispute in the Duggars. Jeremy Vuolo's being loose with wife Jinger in her choice of outfit is also considered an act against the Duggar's rules.

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