T-Mobile Resolves Data Outage Issues Across The Country

T-Mobile, an international wireless network provider, has now recovered after experiencing a nationwide data outage. In fact, the company already tweeted to confirm that the issues are now solved and all are networks are in control. "Thank you for your patience! Our engineering team has resolved the intermittent data outages impacting some areas."

All T-Mobile subscribers across the country have woken up to widespread network outages. According to KCRA, the problem affected T-Mobile customers are located in areas such as California, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

What Really Happened?

The worst of the outage reportedly came at about 10 AM Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, when over 1,000 outage reports came in nationwide within the hour. When the outage was at its worst, close to 27 percent of those reporting said that they had no service for any cellular activities at all, while around 19 percent could not connect phone calls, and 53 percent were unable to use any mobile data.

For the past days, thousands of T-mobile users are having problems connecting to their data subscriber, even if a cell signal is still showing. This issue could be a cause of a regional data center or a nationwide dilemma that is not being reported yet in the other area. As reported by BGR, T-Mobile has not officially issued a statement about the issue. However, the company is responding to every individual user on its Twitter account, claiming that they’re looking into the issue.

Most of the users stated that turning their LTE off can get data service working via a 3G connection, but that’s only a temporary fix at best. For the time being, staying connected on Wi-Fi and turning the mobile device on and off every hour or two seems to be the best solution. Many assumed that the data outage is related to a software problem. That is why turning the device on then off pushes the handset to re-register on the local cell tower, which simply means it will have a good connection as soon as T-Mobile resolved the situation


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