Surface Book vs Surface Pro vs Surface Laptop: A Guide To Buying Microsoft Computer

Surface Book, Surface Pro and Surface Laptop are all Microsoft laptop devices that boasted in a really great set of specs and features. The Surface Book has a removable display, the Surface Pro has a kickstand capability, and now the newest Surface Laptop has is considered as the most traditional laptop of the company.

If someone is thinking of buying one of Microsoft’s Surface laptop devices, here’s a quick guide to consider. Remember that all three machines are expensive on their own and each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

The Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book is about two years old today and it’s far from perfection, according to Tom Warren of The Verge. The American multinational technology company created the Surface Book with a detachable display so that the machine can transform into a large tablet. Unless the user of this laptop is an illustrator, it’s feature is not something really regular

A review said that using the Surface Book as a tablet isn’t ideal because its battery life when detached from the keyboard is only around three hours. As of now, Windows 10 still lacks on tablet apps, which makes the users of the Surface Book forced to do basic browsing and watching only. Its price is $1,499 to $3,199 for the standard version and its best compared to the Apple's MacBook Pro.

The Surface Pro

The MacBook Air and the iPad Pro are the comparable Apple products with the Surface Pro. In fact, it is the flagship of the Surface family and Microsoft used to sell it as a tablet "that can replace your laptop," according to Business Insider. However, after almost a year, Microsoft now considered it as "the most versatile laptop in the world."

The Surface Pro uses a kickstand to stay straight, which is fine on a table or desk but makes it extremely difficult to use on using the user's lap. It can run a desktop-class operating system such as Windows 10 in just a price of $799 to $2,699.

The Surface Laptop

Microsoft’s brand-new Surface laptop is an actual machine as most people think of them. Its build, especially the wedge-like design is very comparable to Apple's MacBook Air. The Surface Laptop comes in various colors unlike the Surface Book and Surface Pro. This is the tech firm's technique in order to set apart the laptop from the rivals on the market.

It comes with the new version of Windows 10, which is the Windows 10 S. The price of the Surface laptop starts from $999 to $2,199. Its target users are the college students, but it is worth saying that the Surface Laptop is a great all-around laptop.


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