George R.R. Martin Reveals 'Game Of Thrones' Spinoffs Are Moving Forward; Confirms New Series 'Nightflyers'

The highly acclaimed “Game of Thrones” television adaptation series is about to conclude with just two seasons left. However, George R.R. Martin has confirmed that he is actually working on spinoffs so fans will still be seeing a lot of Westeros.

George R.R. Martin confirmed that he and a few more writers are working on spinoffs of “Game of Thrones”, which he prefers to call successor shows. The author of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” has given new updates on the development of these spinoff shows. Martin has revealed that the five spinoff shows are moving forward at diverse speed. In addition, Martin has disclosed that he is also working on other television projects that he can’t share about yet.

Though Martin has revealed that there are five spinoff series for “Game of Thrones”, HBO clarified beforehand that this might not be the actual case. The network announced that though there are more than one spinoffs being prepared, it is most likely that only one will be produced and released. As to the other television projects that Martin mentioned, it seems like it has been finally revealed.

It has been revealed that the network Syfy has requested a pilot episode for a possible upcoming new series, “Nightflyers”. The series project is inspired by Martin’s science fiction novella that was published in 1985. The novella was picked up as a film adaptation of the same title in 1987 and Martin revealed through his official blog site that the television series will be mostly based on the movie.

The “Nightflyers” television series will most likely happen since Martin further revealed that Syfy liked the script a lot. The pilot episode was reportedly written by Jeff Buhler. Even if the series is originally based on Martin’s work, the writer will not be working on the Syfy series since he still has an exclusive contract with HBO.

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