Horizon Zero Dawn Latest News: New Characters, Quests, Maps, Release Date, Price; Contender For Game Of The Year?

The first DLC expansion of Horizon Zero Dawn is titled The Frozen Wilds. This DLC was revealed by Guerilla Games earlier this year. The latest news revealed that it is a new story built on the original story of Aloy which gave the structure to the title's original gameplay.

Aloy Will Face New Monstrous Machines

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC expansion will see the return of Aloy as the game's main protagonist. In the original version of the game, she is trying to find the truth about her mother and the origins of the beastly machines that now control the earth. The current DLC expansion will see her facing a horde of monster machines guarding a certain mountain which hides her past.

There Will Be A Lot Of New Things In The Game

As expected, The Frozen Wilds DLC expansion of Horizon Zero Dawn will come with new quests, new maps, and new characters. Since it is the first expansion of the title, it comes with a price. The latest news indicates that gamers have to shell out $20 to get a copy, although it will only be $15 for PS members. There is still no exact release date announced by the game developer but it is expected to hit the streets sometime this year.

Aloy will also meet a new character in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC expansion. This was hinted at by its reveal trailer. This character will warn her about the machines that are guarding the volcanic mountain that she wants to explore.  Speaking of machines, this expansion will introduce new types of machines that will give Aloy a hard time.

Is Horizon Zero Dawn A Game Of The Year Contender?

As for a new map, the Frozen Wilds will bring a new area for Aloy to explore. And when there is a new area map, there will also be new quests for Aloy to undertake. With regards to its time setting, there are rumors that the story may take place right after the end of the main story (of the original game). As a matter of interest, some gamers believe that Horizon Zero Dawn could be a contender for Game of the Year award because of its many notable features.    

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