Destiny 2: Bungie To Allow Players Transfer Their Special Emblems From The Previous Game

Bungie has sent word that players can transfer some of their emblems in the upcoming sequel Destiny 2. It is interesting, as this is just among the few details the studio revealed for the new game. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

According to Destructoid, this does not necessarily involve the emblems that players wanted to bring in Destiny 2. Still, it is way better than nothing at all. These emblems, in their most organic form, amount to finishing all of the Moments of Triumph. The latter comes from year one and two of the original title.

GameSpot notes that the aforementioned will also cover the ones in Rise of Iron, while amassing a Grimoire score of at least 5,000. Although some may have a beef on this part, it is not really that difficult to achieve. It is considered as one of the easiest in the game.

With that said, there will be a total of seven emblems being carried from the first game to Destiny 2. They will be prominently featured in the sequel, as reported by GamesRadar. It will stretch across the players' character screen and will eventually show up in orbit while it forms a Fireteam. For those who have not acquired it yet, they need not worry. That is because they will be able to earn three of these as long as they complete the requirements before Aug. 1 hits.

Bungie also revealed that the PlayStation 4 exclusive content called Rise of Iron will be made available to the Destiny 2 Xbox One version. This can be expected in October, though the studio did not really provide an exact date. This should be enough to keep the hype at an acceptable level. Whether or not players agree on some of these things, they should soon find out in the next few months or so.

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