Destiny 2 Is The Best PC Game At E3 2017

Destiny 2 is already a great game and might be among the best titles of recent memory. Interestingly, it looks even better when ran at 60 frames per second on PC. It just makes the overall experience unique.

According to PCWorld, if there is a PC game that looks gorgeous during this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), it is no other than Destiny 2 from developer Bungie. This actually came as a surprise to the entire community. Why? That is because the studio never made a game on the said platform since the release of Halo 2. One would think that the video game company had grown rusty over the course of years. Fortunately, they did not and things are actually looking great with the sequel.

During the aforementioned event, the follow-up game was seen running on an Intel Core i7-7700k, powered with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (what a monster). It was also displayed on Acer's Predator IPS G-Sync monitor, offering a 4K resolution at its best. On top of all of these, the title was played on 60 frames per second. Most players would think of it as a joke, most especially that multiplayer games are usually confined to 30 fps. Not Bungie's title, though.

This only further cemented the greatness of Destiny 2 in the video game industry. In fact, when it was first released, it acquired impressive reviews from critics and gamers alike. Now, it continues to woo fans, which only shows that the video game company has really extended great efforts. Apparently though, as reported by PCGamesN, the game will not offer a PVP system.

ArsTechnica reports that Destiny 2 features a brand new story campaign, which was specifically developed to ease players into every in and out of the game's mechanics. The sequel is basically set a year after the events of the hit game Destiny: Rise of Iron. The Red Legion group from the Cabal Empire went to attack Dominos Ghaul's The Last City. This is when the story of the current game starts to revolve.

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