Huawei Honor 8 vs Huawei Honor 9: What's The Difference?

In order to finally answer the question of finding the difference between Huawei Honor 8 and Honor 9, here is the comparison of the two smartphones across many categories that matter. From design to display, camera to the battery, greatest specs to features and beyond.

Design And Display

Both Huawei smartphones have a metal frame and a glass rear cover, a usual design of a not-so-pricey mobile device, according to TechRadar. They also both use 15 layers of various metals that are located below the glass, which allow the handsets to diffract light at different angles and create an aurora-inspired effect.

Aside from that, the two Huawei Honor members also have near-identical dimensions, with the Honor 9 at 147.3 x 70.9 x 7.45mm and 155g, while the Honor 8 comes in at 145.5 x 71 x 7.5mm and 153g. The main visible difference between the two phones is that the Honor 9 puts its oblong fingerprint sensor on the front, just underneath the screen, while the Honor 8 has the same circular feature on the back part.

The screen of Huawei Honor 8 isn’t massive at 5.2 inches, but surprisingly the screen of Huawei Honor 9 is slightly smaller still at 5.15 inches. There’s only very little difference between the two smartphones and that is for a pixel density of 423ppi on the Honor 8 and 428ppi on the Honor 9. However, the handsets have the same resolution at 1080 x 1920.

Software, Hardware, And Battery

The Honor 9 ramps things up on the hardware front with the latest Kirin 960 processor together with 4GB RAM. That's a generational step-up with regards to the Honor 8, according to Pocket-lint. Both smartphones come with a microSD slot in order to expand the onboard memory. The standard storage of Honor 9 is 64GB, while Honor 8's starting capacity is 32GB.

The Huawei Honor 9 delivers a similar experience to what is found in the Huawei P10. The smartphone ups the capacity to 3,200mAh battery, which is a 200mAh increase compared to the Huawei Honor 8.

Camera Lens

Both Huawei phones have the ability to use their two camera lenses to detect map scenes. However, the dual-lens camera is one of the highlights of Huawei Honor 8. It paired a 12MP color lens and a 12MP monochrome one, which allows a user to combine data from the two features for slightly better composite shots while the Honor 9 is built with a 12MP color lens together with a 20MP monochrome one.


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