Diablo 3: Rise Of The Necromancer DLC Now Available; Full Patch Notes Revealed

At last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Blizzard unveiled the newest class in Diablo 3 called Necromancer. It was confirmed to arrive as a pack, something that players will have to pay in order to acquire it. Finally, it is here and fans cannot help but showcase their excitement.

According to GameSpot, the studio released a brand new update for Diablo 3 called update 2.6.0. But way before it was released, the servers of the game had to be taken down to pave the way for the update. Now, it has been rolled out to all platforms, bringing the highly anticipated pack Rise of the Necromancer.

As stated in the update's official patch notes, the aforementioned content does not only bring the newest class Necromancer. There are also a bunch of new features and whatnots. For instance, the update brings tons of adjustments and changes to the game's Set bonuses. There are also fixes introduced for the purpose of bringing better gameplay experience.

Perhaps the most noticeable one, aside from the new Diablo 3 class, is the Greater Rifts. Basically, when players die in-game, they will be immediately resurrected with the remaining time on the death timer removed. This basically saves players a lot of time wasting on sitting and doing nothing as they are dead. This gives the overall gameplay a huge boost.

Daily Star notes that among the things added by the update 2.6.0 in Diablo 3 is the Challenge Rifts. These are weekly static dungeons that will have players play as set characters. There are also new zones, namely, the Moors and the Temple of the Firstborn. Both of these new locations can be found in Act 2 of the game's Adventure mode.

The latest Diablo 3 DLC Rise of the Necromancer is being sold at $15. Regardless of the price tag, it is deemed to be the most visually stunning addition in the game. The Necromancer has the ability to raise Diablo's army and use against them.

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