Blizzard Shuts Down The Idea Of Remaking Early Warcraft Games

BlizzCon was an event that every Warcraft fan would want to join. After all, it's where Blizzard showcases all the nicest stuff. However, for those who are anticipating the possible remake of both the original and second installments, it's a deal breaker. Why? That's because the studio has closed the door -- no such thing will happen, that is.

According to Eurogamer, the video game company's very own Frank Pearce (co-founder) debunked the rumors about Warcraft games being remade. While it's true that the likes of Diablo (the original title) is getting a shot in Diablo 3, the previous games the studio developed won't have a similar story. Pearce himself has shut down the idea of remastering them.

Pearce, nonetheless, admitted that they still have with them the original source codes and assets of the original Warcraft games. However, in terms of accessing them, it turns out to be quite hard. That, in one way or another, it's difficult to even "unlock" them. Let alone figure a way to make them work accordingly. His most viable explanation is the mere fact that they're old, thus they've forgotten already.

Pearch also iterated that there were people in the studio who were able to make the source codes and assets of the old Warcraft games work. That they weren't only able to do so, they also managed to run them in a certain window. However, basing in today's standards, playing these games is "just not that fun anymore."

The Blizzard executive also pointed out that working on the old Warcraft titles is easier said than done. That, as of now, they're limited in terms of resources and stuff. So, in a sense, it would be better for them to put their focus and attention on developing an "amazing content for World of Warcraft." Or perhaps, resort to working things for Overwatch. That they would rather choose to devote their time and sweats on newer ones than "going back and digging up those fossils."

What are your thoughts on old Warcraft games not being remade? How about the idea of them getting remastered or something? What can you say about Frank Pearce's statements? Do you agree with what he said? Be sure to share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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