Ubisoft's Skull And Bones To Arrive With Narrative Campaign

Ubisoft surprised the fans and gamers alike at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with the announcement of a new game called Skulls and Bones. Apparently that time, the studio did not unveil any specific details about the title; hence, it remained a mystery. Now, the video game company confirmed one of the features they plan to introduce.

According to Forbes, the forthcoming title from Ubisoft called Skulls and Bones will be arriving with a narrative campaign. This is basically a complete turn of events, as many thought it would not offer such feature. Well, it will and the studio itself announced recently.

GameSpot notes that one of the representatives from the studio confirmed the aforementioned update. Unfortunately, he was not in the position to give out further details about it. He did confirm that the narrative campaign will be integrated into the game's main storyline and will not be something that can be likened to a multiplayer experience. It is a far more than that, as what he explained.

It was also revealed that more iconic characters and memorable rivalries will arrive at Skull and Bones, as reported by Eurogamer. These are believed to be something that Ubisoft planned since day one. They wanted to reveal it at E3 but needed the time to further develop it first. As for the competitive mode shown off during the event, he said that it was just the "tip of the iceberg." This only means that the mode itself could be complex, though the studio has yet to unearth any specific details about.

Many are still skeptical with the release of Skull and Bones because of Ubisoft's failure in delivering multiplayer game. The latest is no other than For Honor, which experienced a great drought of player pool. Nonetheless, some are positive about the new game, suggesting that it is best to give it a try first.

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