iPhone 8 Latest Leaks Show Mockup From Every Angle And Hint Of Wireless Charging In iOS

A new video recently surfaced showing the iPhone 8 at every possible angle and it looks like Apple is sticking to previously leaked designs of the upcoming flagship smartphone. It is, however, mentioned in the clip that the actual iPhone 8 can still come out different from the mockup featured in the detailed video.

Well-known Apple leakster Steve Hemmerstoffer did confirm that the design of the mockup in the video is more or less the one coming out in a few months time. The iPhone 8 dummy is based on a 3D CAD schematics that was leaked a few days ago. The leak supposedly came from someone who had access to the factory where the iPhone 8 is being manufactured, as Tech Radar reported.

In related news, more proof that the iPhone 8 will have wireless charging capabilities was discovered inside the iOS 11. According to MacRumors, a new sound file included in the new iOS 11 points to an unused charging sound which is quite distinct from the existing charging sound. The new sound file, dubbed "engage_power.caf" is longer and has a different sound than the "connect_power.caf" used when the iPhone is connected to a Lightning cable. It is speculated that the new sound file will be used to indicate that the wireless charging function of the iPhone 8 is working.

It is still unclear how the iPhone 8 will utilize wireless charging. It was previously rumored that Apple is working on long distance wireless charging with the help of Energous. However, it seems like the technology is yet to be perfected as tests have shown that object interference still plays a factor as well as the distance between the iPhone and the charger.

Another possibility is inductive charging. This process is already in use with the Apple Watch and, if other methods fail, the tech giant can simply incorporate the technology in the iPhone 8.

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