'Big Brother 19' Brings Back Paul But With A Big Twist

The newest season of the American reality television series, “Big Brother” has finally kicked off this week. The new season has started off with an additional house guest and a huge plot twist.

CBS finally premiered the nineteenth season of its popular reality television show, “Big Brother", which has been aptly called “Big Brother 19”. The new season started off well until an unexpected surprise was revealed. Paul has returned as an additional house guest and his appearance was to stir things up in the new season.

It has been revealed that Paul joining as one of the new house guests in “Big Brother 19” had a huge consequence. Paul’s appearance meant someone had to be evicted so everyone wants him out. However, the huge plot twist turned the house upside down as Paul was given the power to choose eight house guests to be exempted from the eviction. This has gotten the mood to do a great turn as house guests tried to sway and convinced Paul into saving them from an early elimination.

Some tried to sweet talk their way through Paul and one, in particular, offered him a cheese sandwich, which turned out to be a great move because Paul loved his cheese sandwiches. However, Paul made it fair by making everyone go through a trial. Of course, after securing one spot for himself, only seven will be saved. After making the ten house guests choose the bad apples from the rest, Cameron, Jillian, and Christmas were automatically nominated for eviction when they picked the poisoned apples.

To make matters worse and interesting, for the first time in the show, the nominated houseguests were also given the power to vote who they want out, choosing from the nominated ones. By a vote of two to one, Cameron was eventually evicted. Cameron is the first one to be evicted from “Big Brother 19”.

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