CBS Reveals 'The Big Bang Theory' Prequel Starring Iain Armitage As Young Sheldon

CBS has finally revealed the highly anticipated prequel to the beloved sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory” with the release of its official trailer and the network’s new fall television schedule. The new show, “Young Sheldon” has taken in Iain Armitage as its star.

“Young Sheldon” Debuts On CBS This Fall

Anyone who has religiously followed “The Big Bang Theory” series would know that Sheldon Cooper had a somewhat intriguing childhood. He would randomly drop in stories from his early past, revealing bits of how Sheldon turned out to be the boy wonder he is now. CBS has announced a spinoff that will be all about Sheldon’s childhood, giving fans the full experience of how he was as a young boy.

CBS released their shows lined up for fall and “Young Sheldon” will officially make its debut on Nov. 2. The prequel spinoff has been given the Thursday night slot and it will be aired after “The Big Bang Theory”. This is actually a great idea because the cast of the original series actually still have roles in the prequel and Jim Parsons will be playing a huge role in the spinoff as he will be narrating young Sheldon’s adventures.

CBS Introduces Iain Armitage In “Young Sheldon”

Child actor Iain Armitage will be portraying the role of young Sheldon Cooper in the prequel spinoff. He has worked with HBO series, “Big Little Lies” as Ziggy Chapman and will reportedly appear in the film adaptation of Jeannette Walls’ memoir, “The Glass Castle”. The first look trailer that CBS just released showcased how perfect Armitage is for the role.

“Young Sheldon” will follow 9-year old Sheldon’s life in East Texas as he starts high school as the young and misunderstood genius. The show will also finally introduce the loving family Sheldon grew up with, which fans have been curious about for years. The show, though a prequel to the beloved sitcom, promises to be a better series with the trailer being received positively, making fans to anticipate it more.

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