'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Krillin Gets Power Boost; Super Saiyan Goes Berserk

The latest episode of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series will be airing this weekend and it will finally reveal the official start of the highly anticipated Tournament of Power. With the tournament finally kicking off, new official updates have been released for the other upcoming episodes.

The titles of the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” in the next month have been released officially by Fuji TV’s television guide. The provisional titles hint out what the next episodes will most likely feature. In the next episodes, the ongoing Universe Survival Saga will finally see the start of the awaited Tournament of Power as each team go on an all-out war in a battle royal in the World of Void.

The spoilers for “Dragon Ball Super” revealed that Krillin will be unleashing his latent power, which means Goku’s best friend is getting the power boost he needs to get by in this dreaded tournament. However, there are predictions that Krillin will only be able to release this latent power of his by being triggered by a huge event. Several fans are certain that Krillin will be powered up after learning that Android 18 has been eliminated from the tournament and erased from existence.

Another spoiler revealed that in the upcoming episodes, Kale will not disappoint as she will be unleashing her highly anticipated Super Saiyan transformation. However, her transformation will prompt the awakening of a berserk warrior. Fans have been calling out that a Super Saiyan Berserk will emerge and it has been confirmed. Kale had shown potential in the previous episodes of the anime series but clearly went wild when she went after Cabba to kill him. Kale was only calmed down Caullifla was able to explain and straighten things out between her and Cabba to Kale.

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