There's A New Way For Players To Earn Battlefield 1 Battlepacks

Battlepacks is like the bread and butter of Battlefield 1, as it keeps the hype going. It is the main reason players compete, keeping the competitiveness alive. Now, developer DICE announced that a new way to earn this stuff has just been implemented.

According to PVP Live, the studio just introduced a new way for Battlefield 1 players to earn Battlepacks in the game. There is also a new progression bar, which helps players keep track of their progression. When this is filled up, they will receive a new Battlepack.

The video game company made the announcement on the official Reddit page of the game. Previously, the only way to earn these items is through playing and completing multiplayer matches. Players will also have to be lucky enough to acquire one at the End of the Round screen. That was it and no other way.

Interestingly, DICE replaced the new system with a more improved process of earning Battlepacks in Battlefield 1. First and foremost, players will find a progress bar at the End of the Round screen. This shows the progress toward the next Battlepack. The key here is to play and complete multiplayer matches, as these fill up the progress bar.

Moreover, the progress Battlefield 1 players see is tied to the scores they acquire in the said matches. This includes the enemies they kill and/or the support they provide to the game. All of these will contribute to their chances of earning another skin. So, as much, as possible, it is best to give their all in the game.

DICE iterated that there was no maintenance needed to bring the revamped system to Battlefield 1. However, to ensure seamless progress, players needed to restart their client. Otherwise, any progress they make in earning Battlepacks will not be saved and carried over to the new version.

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