EA Reveals New Details For Battlefield 1 DLC In The Name Of Tsar

One of the most highly anticipated DLCs for Battlefield 1 has finally been unveiled with new details. EA has just recently shared a couple of interesting information, stirring the interest of gamers and critics alike. Here is everything about the forthcoming content in a nutshell.

According to PVPLive, the studio has just released new details about the upcoming Battlefield 1 DLC called In the Name of the Tsar. It was made during the company's so-called EA Play during the phenomenal E3 2017. Apparently, though, the release date of the Russian-themed content was pushed back; instead of a July release timeline, it will be coming to the game come August (to almost a hard September release).

IGN notes that the aforementioned Battlefield 1 DLC will basically include a total of six new maps, all brand new and unique from each other. Apart from these, the developers are also set to release new vehicles to the hit shooting game. To come to a full circle, a total of 11 new weapons and a new mode called Supply Drop will be coming also.

In the new Battlefield 1 content, players will take the role of the Russian Arm, which already includes the infamous Women's Battalion of Death. It's worth noting that this is the first downloadable content in the history of the franchise to ever introduce a female character. Hence, its arrival is really something to look forward to.

Similarly, the said content will be first unleashed to the game's Community Test Server. It is where players are given access to any future updates and/or contents, so as to aid developers in straightening out any possible issues prior to the official servers' release. This was also what the developer did with the first content of the game called They Shall Not Pass.

GameSpot, on the other hand, reports that EA is also set to release the first night only map called Nivelle Nights. It will arrive much sooner than the highly anticipated DLC. Premium players will get access to it for free, while regular players will have to wait for the Premium Friends to reactivate the play.

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