OnePlus 5 Might Survive Water, Jelly Effect Leads To Natural Scrolling

Almost all smartphones nowadays feature a water resistant capability, thanks to the combination of adhesive and rubber seals that prevent water from getting into the phone. However, according to YouTuber JerryRigEverything, OnePlus 5 doesn't have the combination of the said elements but it still has a good chance of surviving in water.

OnePlus 5 Might Survive Water

Although the Chinese tech company didn’t mention anything about the protection against outside elements at the OnePlus 5, that hasn’t stopped some groups from testing new smartphones. Sure thing is that OnePlus latest flagship has no adhesive element between display glass and the frame. Aside from that, there also no rubber seal around the SIM tray of the smartphone.

JerryRigEverything proves in his YouTube video that OnePlus 5 isn’t responsive to water damage. Meaning, if the owner gets caught with it in the rain or if he accidentally spilled a glass of water on his OnePlus 5, there is nothing to worry about. The smartphone might be sensitive but it will surely survive, GSMArena reported.

OnePlus 5 Jelly Effect Leads To Natural Scrolling

According to OnePlus, for the past few days, they received feedback from OnePlus 5 users saying that there are times they experience a subtle visual effect when scrolling on the smartphone. However, the company claimed it as a normal effect and not an effect of any manufacturing issues.

In a statement reported by The Verge, OnePlus says that “the OnePlus 5 uses the same level of high-quality components as all OnePlus devices, including the AMOLED display." The company also claimed that what the users are experiencing is a natural jelly effect from the OnePlus 5 smartphone. "There's no variance in screens between devices.”

And because of the company’s claim that the jelly effect is normal and not an issue to talk to, filing for a warranty replacement will not be fit to resolve the problem for those OnePlus 5 users that can experience it. However, it may not be too much support if the company offers a 15-day return policy because of the jelly effect that leads to natural scrolling of the smartphone.


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