Mass Effect Andromeda Rumor: BioWare Canceling The Single-Player DLC?

This Mass Effect Andromeda rumor will not sit well with its fan base. It seems that BioWare is canceling its plan to release a single-player DLC. A post written by someone in his Facebook account apparently started this rumor.

The Facebook Post Was A Hoax

However, that Facebook post has already been dismissed as a hoax. But the gist of the post, according to some observers, is true. Therefore, a report stated that there will be no single-player DLC coming to Mass Effect: Andromeda. However, Mike Gamble, producer of MEA initially declared the rumor as a hoax. That seemed to quell the rumor at first.

If this Mass Effect Andromeda rumor is true, it will be the only game in the series that will not receive a single content after its release. The same report said that the bad reviews and the problems of the game resulted in BioWare discontinuing its plan to issue a DLC.

The Gist Of The Hoax Is Correct?

But according to another report, the Facebook hoax actually is right on the dot. Citing three sources who knew about BioWare's plans, this report said that Mass Effect Andromeda will not get even one single-player DLC. Apparently, the game developer did not promise any DLC, and it even did not offer any season pass for the game. Even then, some observers believe that this move is strange since the three games in the series have received their DLCs.

BioWare Is Still Refusing To Talk About It?

Fans are disappointed that BioWare still has refused to address this Mass Effect: Andromeda rumor. Aaryn Flynn, GM of the company, was asked if the title will release a DLC in January. He replied that he will talk about it later. It seems that the company still has the same stance towards this issue.

Fernando Melo, producer of Mass Effect Andromeda, when asked about the rumor, replied that new and future contents are something that they can't discuss yet. The game has been in limbo for three months now with no activity of any sort. Can fans be blamed for catching up with anything that relates to this video game, even rumors at that?

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