'Rick and Morty' Season 3 Returns On July 30, New Trailer Promises Mayhem In Their Darkest Years Of Adventures

The wait is finally over as the official release date of the return of the “Rick and Morty” Season 3 has been revealed. Adult Swim finally released the new official trailer for the new season as well.

Adult Swim has released a new teaser trailer for “Rick and Morty” Season 3 on June 29. The full teaser revealed snippets of the family’s darkest adventures and announced that the rest of the third season will finally be aired starting July 30. The new release date makes it two years since the second season of “Rick and Morty” was aired.

The new full trailer revealed some of the memorable scenes from the surprise first episode of “Rick and Morty” Season 3. However, most of them are new footages, assuring fans that Rick and Morty’s adventures just got wilder and bigger. There are scenes inspired by “Mad Max: Fury Road” and reveals a heartless dark Summer. There are more Ricks and Summers and they seem to be running away from something vicious. Even Rick’s daughter, Beth gets into the action as she tries to join Morty in helping out Summer turn back to normal.

On April Fool’s Day, Adult Swim unexpectedly aired the official first episode of “Rick and Morty” Season 3. The unannounced broadcast confirmed that the highly acclaimed animated sitcom is getting a new season. However, the rest of the episodes were not released and Adult Swim kept fans in the dark, making them wait long. The wait made fans speculate that the show might be cancelled because the showrunners were rumored to be in a feud but it just turned out to be a delay. The showrunners boldly debunked rumors through numerous posts on their official Twitter accounts and even apologized for the delay, explaining that they were just making sure that they are able to deliver fresh ideas for the third season.

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