Outlander News, Updates: Season 4 May Not Be As Good As The First Three Installments; Lead Writer Announces Exit

The lead writer of "Outlander" has announced her flee right before Season 3 premieres and the fourth installment to start production. The sudden flee of the series' lead writer is now causing worries among followers as the new season's success may not be as big as the first installments without her.

"Outlander's" lead writer and co-executive producer, Anne Kenney, recently took to social media on Monday to announce her flee. Kenney wrote on Twitter about how amazing Season 3 was but revealed that it will be her last. Apparently, the writer is looking into making bigger projects as she wrote about moving on to take on new challenges.

With the notable writer hopping off the team of "Outlander," many are worried that the upcoming installments may no longer be as good as the first three seasons. Anne Kenney has been one of the backbones of the show and has inarguably led the time travel series to its huge success. She was the person behind the show's most iconic episode "The Wedding" where Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall consummated their marriage.

Following her flee, many fans of the hit Starz series expressed their worries on social media platforms. Anne Kenney has, however, promised the "Outlander" fandom that Season 4 will feature new women writers who are equally good. Furthermore, Kenney hinted that the new team are already starting to pen the new season.

"Outlander" Season 3 has already wrapped up filming last month and Diana Gabaldon gave a reassurance that the installment based on her "Voyager" book is the best yet. She also said that the season will feature a bigger set which was even taken to South Africa.

The installment which will start kicking off in September will see Jamie and Claire's lives apart. It was already revealed that the couple will struggle to find out how each is doing while they live in their own time until Claire finds a way to go back to Jamie.

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