All-Black BlackBerry KeyOne To Be The Star Of IFA? Find Out Details Here

BlackBerry once was so big; it took the world by storm. Almost all celebrities and top business tycoons can never leave home without their BlackBerry. Then it disappeared. However, years later it resurrected in the form of BlackBerry KeyOne.

Even better, an all-Black BlackBerry KeyOne may steal the show in this year's IFA. Berlin is the place to be to see the most advanced and cutting-edge consumer electronics and appliances this year and the coming years.

The IFA or International Franchise Association will be from Sept. 1 to 6. According to GSM Arena, there is a huge possibility for an all-Black KeyOne model for market introduction. The all-Black model recently made its way to India. This specific special edition BlackBerry KeyOne also comes with upgraded memory configuration.

Tech experts are unsure if the all-Black KeyOne is by Optiemus or TCL. This speculation is still up for confirmation. The most important thing is that this new BlackBerry has positive user feedback in India.

As per Trusted Reviews, the all-Black KeyOne made the rounds in Chinese online stores. Such sighting was back in July. As it made its debut online, the rumor mill went into overdrive.

It is valid for people to have this kind reception and excitement towards BlackBerry KeyOne. It looks reminiscent of the BlackBerry everyone loved back in late 2000's. The device is just like a smaller BlackBerry complete with the built-in QWERTY keypad.

The BlackBerry KeyOne gives modern take to an old smartphone. It does have its original look but with better operating system and other features like the camera, memory, storage, and much more. Berlin better brace itself for the all-black BlackBerry KeyOne. First India and China, next stop is the world.

The all-black BlackBerry KeyOne should bring back nostalgic memories to the IFA. Not too long ago, BlackBerry was a household name. Now, it is back with a vengeance of some sort.

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